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It is September 24th. The third day of Reeperbahnfestival and we just don’t give a damn bout it cuz we used to be in places where not anyone is around. At places where you can catch and breath the “independency” … just like at this evening at the Jupi Bar at the Gängeviertel. That is a place that seems to be from another world within the hip inner City of Hamburg. It is full of creativity, rural old artifical mindblowing and independence seeking breath. I like it. And just within … there happened the concert of Jason Webley. Jason was spit out into this place and the first thought of mine was: Well he just fits here … this is just the place for him and this is just the place where he has to be loved and supported while the commercialised independent stuff is going to party on at the Reeperbahnfestival some S-Bahn trainstations away.

the jupi bar

the place was empty at first, maybe 10 people, beer for a donation (!!!), nice people. spamdora/devi had the idea of giving jason a little painting after a photo she took at last years evelyn evelyn concert in hamburgs kampnagel.so i (natascha) painted until 4 o clock in the morning to give the painting to jason at the concert. 

so he came in,we talked before the show,gave him the painting, hugged, made photos…yes…stuff like that…:)

photo by @timemastertim

funny story about this photo (taken by spamdora) i used for the painting:

he didn´t know this photo was taken in hamburg too, he knew it because it was the photo he gave the police in leipzig. well…he did not get his accordion back,but now he has a little painting of it. 

i scanned the painting for me and got a signed print of the painting. you can see it here: http://natascha-blankpage.blogspot.com/2011/09/autograph.html

i  also recorded a very dark video (because my camera is old) of jason webleys famous “violins and trombones” crowd activating “song” which one is called “There’s Not A Step We Can Take That Does Not Bring Us Closer.”

he has a great stagepresence even if there is no stage…he´s an amazing artist.

when his stuff and his accordion was stolen in leipzig , he tweeted about it (we blogged about it: please also check our post about the stolen accordion . ) and when he arrived in prague the fans brought him clothes and about 10 different accordions to choose from.

that made him see the good in the bad and made him feel very blessed.

Jason Webley seemed to be pretty amazed by the amount of humans and Zombies that came to the extra opened Jupi Bar at this evening. He started with own written songs like


He knows how to encourage and interact with his audience. So very very fast the audience even those people who haven’t seen him before started to endless smile and sang along during his yadadaaa chorus lines.

A slightly emotional part was of course his funny coverversion interruption with songs of R.E.M., The Cure, Michael Jackson and more that I simply cannot remember. He didn’t want to play The Police … like I wanted to listen to. 😦

Really beautiful was “Raise them Higher”

and I did get just a climpse of my favourite “Mayday”

Jason was very tired he said after the concert. You could see it by the end of his wonderful concert. It was by the end very emotional. He was talking bout his year 2011 so far before the “Last Song” and he asked us all to forgive him he wouldn’t do an encore. It was a good choice and a brillant end of the show. Just to finish it with his whole dilemma of being always there were shit happens. And anyhow not to know whether it is a curse or it is just destiny. I hope whole Hamburg let him know, that it is not a curse to have him around and that the shit happens always in the same amount each year but it is a different thing when you are witness to trouble. His trouble definitely was the lost accordion and he just gave the Thanx again out to Nat who painted the picture for him (as my idea from the picture I took … did we mentioned it yet?).

Last Song

It was a really good night. I felt it was the best decision we could do. Just pull our hearts out for this dedicated and emotional artist. And I absolutely felt not sorry for any money I left at the show. Jason Webley asked for a donation. I donated 35 Euros during the show. Usually I wouldn’t pay so much money for any artist. But I just thought Jason deserved it … and I gave it with pleasure.

I bought my personally best album for you and got it signed “The Cost of Living”. There will be a contest at the creative blog “Buchstabenwald” where you can win this album. Check in and be creative to get the album.

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spamdora also bought a cd for YOU folks!!! we will make a contest here so you can win a signed jason webley cd here on our blog. but that will be in another post.


spamdora & natascha

*the black text is from spamdora, the green text from natascha...

and finally … here you can catch an interview of Jason Webley that was done in Dortmund.

And I really want to say thank you to the whole twittergang that made the concert of Jason in Hamburg possible and that was doing endlessly promotion for this awesome evening.