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The Hamburg Filmfest 2011 invited creative and business staff from the movie industry to a Sneak Preview and Introduction for the Hamburg Filmfest 2011 to one of the 6 Filmfest theaters the ABATON. I am a lucky one that two of my sisters work in the business and I could get to the presentation.

But first watch the Filmfest Trailer …

The head of the Filmfest Albert Wiederspiel shortly told the audience that this year contains 151 movies from 40 different countries … 48 movies were created by female directors. There are 11 different “topics” to the Filmfest. One of it is called “Macht” … it shows movies (motionpictures, documentaries …) about political difficulties, the meaning and conflict potential of power. The Filmfest will start with the Iranian motionpicture GOODBYE by the director Mohammad Rasoulof who is cursed to be not allowed to work anymore.

The Blockbuster Highlights are probably the movies “Jane Eyre” with Michael Fassbender, who will appear in Hamburg at the Filmfest and Steven Soderberghs thriller “Contagion”.

The Sneak Preview was for the Slovenian motionpicture “Izlet” (A trip) … by Nejc Gazvode.

It is a motionpicture bout three young people that know each other from earlier teenie times. They met in one summer to get on a trip. During this trip you will get to know their actual problems … in love, life and at all. Their serious conflicts in life, between each other and for their personal future. I needed to get time to “like” the characters. The camera directing was very confusing for me. After the half of that motionpicture … I did get on the right trip.

But you can catch if you want some explaination by the director himself … finally

That was my evening yesterday, Djum riab lia, spamdora