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I am very very sure there happens more on 9-11 this year than all those flashbacks to 2001 and to all those conspiracy / truth / antiterror / culture shock news in remembrance of losing some twin towers and some 3000+ people back in 2001. I might be the only one that hasn’t seen the twin towers fall (in news on TV at that time or in reports / documentaries afterwards). I only know them crashing down in Action movies. Anyway … there is more going on this Sunday.

There are the EUROPEAN HERITAGE DAYS and Germanys part comes along on Sep 11 there is the “Tag des offenen Denkmals”.

European Heritage Days

info by the Council of Europe: > Press info

The Motto of this years Day is: “Romantic, Realism, Revolution – the 19th century”. Go and explore the program to it here: Tag des offenen Denkmals

For anyone, who will explore Europeans Heritage and to be more specific the German ones – HAVE FUN.

Djum riab lia, spamdora