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The first album I ever bought was BRYAN ADAMS “Into the fire” from 1987. It had one poster in it. I loved the artwork and to be honest, it is the best and the only album of him that I would openly tell you I own. “Into the fire” is his most darkest and lyrically deepest album. Everything before was Pop crap and the stuff that followed as well.

I bought the album “Into the fire” on the first day I went to Westberlin after the Wall came down (in December 1989) from the Welcome Money. Honestly I just liked the artwork. I didn’t know this guy. I didn’t listen to the stuff at the store …

“HEAT OF THE NIGHT” is the best song of that album. And you should give it a try. > watch it here: Official Video Clip

From the same album … “Victim of love”

The title song “Into the fire” … is kind of cute as well. look

Edith says: I am kind of ashamed I still know all the lyrics of all songs by him written until 1996. This scares me like hell. I am not normal.


this was the fisrt album i forced my mom to buy. i didn´t know the album name, i didn´t know any english, i was seven years old.

we went to the record store and i sang a song to the dude at the shop and he got me an audio tape of the breakdance boogie. i still own this cassette, it is still working! and i still love those songs



the first album i got was purple rain by prince. it was a christmas wish.