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Hello World!

We completely changed the layout of tcabam because because. We needed something new. There will be still few changes in the coming hours and probably days but at least I am actually happy bout what I can finally see here.

Anyway, September 1st was a new day in Hamburg “We forbid stuff that makes fun” era. I am living in a cool part of Hamburg – St. Pauli. There are rumours that St. Pauli is still the most dangerous place in whole Germany. You know, because of Drugs, Sex, Crime, Rock’n’Roll. I am living quite seconds away from the Red Light corners. There is a common prohibition/ban/embargo however you’ll call/name it for weapons, bottles of glass, drugs (between Friday 6pm and Monday 6am) … With beginning of September 1st it is not allowed to drink alcohol in public transportation … for guests. There is a common smoking ban as well. I will look out for the day when it is forbidden to breath, to eat, to sit, to walk, to smile … here in Hamburg. 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy bout the smoking ban in public places. BUT do we don’t know it better, that bans never changed the problems?!

Djum riab lia, spamdora