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Dear Readers … Yesterday I posted part one of the “Angkor Archaeological Park” … you can read about here. This is anyway Part 2

4 Banteay Srei

It is 20km northeastern to the Eastern Baray (an artificial water bassin). Banteay Srei was the first temple of the Angkor temples that was restaurated in 1931. It is by the word the most beautyful, most tidy and most kind of „entertaining park like“ temple areal. The godfathers of the temple are Switzerland. They know how to keep a temple suitable for many many crazy tourists. You cannot get this at Ta Prohm that is hosted by India. FYI … Each temple has a „restaurating/hosting/godfather/architectual culturehistorical partner“ from the UN. Banteay Srei is the „Switzerland“ temple. You got a well structured parking lot. Clearly situated tourist souvenir shops. A guiding route. What ever… fascinating if you have been at „chaotic“ temples before.

Anyway, it is a small temple but it is full of details at the stones and it always looks beautiful. The temple got finished in 967. It is a hindu temple. It is just 200m long.
And there is a lot more to tell about this temple but I just want to give you a glimpse of it.

I cannot give a visiting time advice because this temple is always crowded.

5 Baphuon

This is a temple that is actually completely reconstructed from the ground. There were only ruins left. The USA is rebuilding this. I like Baphuon a lot. It is located between the Elephant Terrace and Bayon. Between a lot of trees and yeah, Actually you just can get a small idea of how big this temple once has been. It just got damaged by the own bad construction. It was finished in 1060. It was the capital of Udayadityavarman II. The special thing bout it is … it had a 200m long stone breaker way to the temple itself. Because there used to be water around. The temple itself is built in squares up to the top that is about 50m high and the top square was about 42 x 32m wide. The ground stage is 103 x 103 m wide.

6 Bayon

Bayon is a temple that is always crowded as well cuz all tourists are going to see him. It is the temple with the 4 different faces that are craved into the many many towers. I love Bayon. Even with the many tourists in it. It was very longly called hinduistic but in 1925 it was acknowledged as a bhuddhist holy place. It is built within Angkor Thom. There is a plateau that is guarded by lions. The temple has three „rings“ with a lot of pillars and towers. There are a lot of dancing Apsaras carved into the stone. The towers have faces that look to four sides. You can find a lot of war scenery carved in stone as well. Within the temple there is a well with really cooling water. Don‘t drink it!

7 Kbal Spean

Kbal Spean is a hindu cult place at the Siem Reap River fountain. To get there, you have to have time, closed shoes, a lot of water (to drink), condition and did I mention time?! There is a parking lot at the foot of the mountain and then you have to walk up „only 1.9 km“. But usually you are not prepared for a mountain walk with not really existing route through the djungle. You are definitely in it. You shouldn‘t get on top of the mountain in the mid of the day. This could be horrible for your heart – lungs – circulation … I know, what I am talking bout. But, if you get there … finally … you can find the Siem Reap river … and carvings in stones that lie in the river … with different hindu gods and yeah a lot of religious magic. It is beautiful there … at the top. By the way, Kbal Spean is 10 min car drive from Banteay Srei away … the parking lot of Kbal Spean. You need minimum 40 minutes to get on the mountain and 40 minutes down … if you don‘t want to run and ruin your own health. Enjoy the trip!

In the next episode I will go on with the Angkor Archaeological Park cuz it has tooo many temples that I just don’t want to drop into one post and I will give you advises about DO and DON’T DO stuff at Angkor as a tourist. So stay curious and comment.

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