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Places… will be a new serial here at the tcabam blog. I will show you places that are worth to be seen … to be visited … to be loved … to be saved …

I start with my big love the Ankor Archeological Park in Siem Reap, Cambodia. I visited it two times yet and I have seen a couple of temples and cult places … I will talk about in the following entries.

Further information about the temples of Angkor you can get here:

  • wikitravel Angkor Archaeological Park
  • UNESCO World Heritage Center

    Here are some favourites I visited with short info and of course pictures.

    1 Angkor Thom

    There is the famous entry of the temple complex called Angkor Thom. It is still allowed to pass the gate with cars. But I am very very sure … sooner or later it is not anymore. Angkor Thom a.k.a. “Great Capital” was the homeside of 1 million people. Within the fences there lived the King and the priests, the high society and office people. The folk lived outside of the walls. Angkor Thom is an hindu temple complex. It is guarded by gigants close to the Gates and it has 54 “Deva” (godess) sculptures on the way to the Gates and 54 “Asuras” (demons) sculptures. Angkor Thom got built in the regency of Jayavarman VII. It was the last temple built in his high time.

    2 Angkor Wat

    Angkor Wat is the most popular and biggest temple complex in the whole Archaeological Park. It was built between 1113 and 1150 by Suryavarman II. It is a hindu temple and is formerly known as Brah Bishnulok or Vrah Vishnuloka the holy seat of Vishnu.

    After the religious revolution made by Jayarvarman VII. Angkor Wat was restructured as an bhuddhist temple. This happened in the 13th century. The area of this temple is about 2 Squarekilometers wide. It lies more or less in an artificial island. Around the temple there are water canal systems built. The canal is 200m wide and has stone steps at the border … (and it is terrific beautiful).

    3 Banteay Kdei

    This temple is just beautiful. Especially at the evening. The sundown makes the stone so warm and glimmery. It is heartbreaking. The place is a silent one. There are not so many visitors especially not at the evening. Perfect place to relax and to hunt down the breath of religious power and meditation. It was built in 1187 under the regency of Jayavarman VII. It is a bhuddhist temple. It was probably the home of a lot of monks at that time.

    So, my dear Readers … I will finish part 1 of the Angkor Archaeological Park … Part 2 will come in the next post if you like … give me a comment. If you have any questions … give me as well a comment.

    All information about the temples I have from the National Geographic Guide and from my own experiences. All pictures are made by myself. Please don’t copy. Thanx