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This is the final and third part of the Wave Gotik Treffen 20th anniversary Review.

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The 4th day, the Sunday was a real force day. I was fighting against a beginning cold. I was struggling with aching joints and the sun was brillantly shining so my skin got roasted and I am allergical against sun. So, it was my force day.

I met my friends in town and traditionally we went for lunch at Auerbachs Keller – a very traditional restaurant best known from J.W. Goethes Faust where some scenes took place in this location. We were eating there brillant perfect Old German dishes. It is hell of expensive but it was it all worthy. Any single cent. I was having some fish for 17 Euros. And I did enjoy it.

After that we went to see the Völkerschlachtdenkmal … the Monument to the Battle of the Nations cuz my friends haven’t been there before. The building is huge and amazing. In front of there is a lot of green and one Café where we had some coffee and icecream and time to play with the little “Gothic girl” The friends have had their
1 1/2 years old girl with. So, you always had to entertain the little Lady.

After that the whole crazy bunch of people … we were seven including the little Lady … we went to the Old Exhibition Centre Hall 15 and we decided to not leave the venue until the bitter end. The Dad of the little Lady had to leave because on Sunday it was “Daddyday” where he had to take care of the girl and was punished in not seeing any bands.

So, now here is my very subjective view to the bands at this day in that hall. It was a very synthie pop, electronic body music infiltrated music day. Sometimes, I need such stuff as well … but 50% of the bands I had to listen at the venue was awefully live. Some bands only work on an album and not live.


These guys were live so boring that I didn’t even take one single look into the hall. I was standing outside the venue next to the beergarden. 🙂


They were extremely entertaining. I was standing in the first row and I did enjoy the small set. You could see, the band had fun and you was believing them anything they did on stage. It was a first highlight.

This band was aweful. The sound was terrible. I still don’t know who gave them the allowance to play there. (: … Probably with a better sound – I could have give them some love but I didn’t like the live singing voice of the singer and yeah, the sound. Terrible. Terrible. And it was boring. After three songs, I didn’t know that there were three songs. All was kind of the same.

I was a really big fan of the former Blind Passengers … they were more “harder” and not so soft synthie like the Reunion stuff that was brought to stage on that day.

here just to see what I mean with former stuff… still the best song of them ever Absurdistan from 1995

or that other “Teenager times fave dance song of mine”

Anyway, I was unfortunately disappointed and unhappy to see Blind Passenger on that day and I wished to turn back the time … just a bit.

This was a crazy set. The band is 31 years old and I never never never ever heard of them before. After the concert I was googling for them and I have seen at which locations they had to play in the later days and ooooh my gosh … I am very very sure that I wouldn’t know about them without this Treffen cuz I usually ignore concerts of bands in locations like small village restaurant places for 200 people… you know. The Twins played at such locations at their 30 years anniversary. Anyway, this was for my taste too much pop, too much schmaltz, too much Schlager … and I still don’t know what the two girls did on stage (aaaah, they probably have been the twins name giving protagonists and they supposed to sing but the soundmix was aweful – so you couldn’t listen to them).

After the concert I had a lot of question marks standing in my face. I am not becoming their fan. This is hardcore 80s stuff I don’t like.

Well, he was introduced as an US Phenomenom … bliblablubb … He is only a phenomenom cuz he is probably the only one who is doing successfully this kind of music with an USAmerican passport. I took the time to take some breath outside the venue and have some dinner. I was bored and it was for me just diffusing confusing noise. Sorry, to say. No example here for you.
Absolutely the LOW Point of the night.

I wanted to see them. Absolutely and it was great that I was suffering some hours long just to see them. They were great and I am now a little Fan. I did enjoy their life performance. The sound was superb and yeah … go and check them out. They will be on tour in September in Germany … and I will see them. Yeah

And then we just had to wait for the last Highlight.

finished the day at the Hall. This was the long awaited Highlight of Sunday for me and anyone of my friends and the rest of the audience that overcrowded the location. There was an entry stop in front of the venue and I was very happy to be inside.
I was really impressed by that “old” men. I loved their performance and I was slightly happy that I could see them. I haven’t seen them before.

I felt completely happy after this long music day together with my friends. I was massivly drunk after one glass of red wine. And I felt the cold in my bones and I was thinking bout to get to the legendary When we were young Party but I felt not fit enough and no friends wanted to come with. I missed it completely. I wasn’t any single night at this Party (I usually get to dance there… always … since years regularly. This year I just completely missed the Old School / Batcave / Dark Wave / Back to the Roots Goth Party. I am a bit sad bout but well, there will come another year!

So, I went home to have a good sleep and some Ginger tea before the last day of the 20th WGT started.

DAY 5 – Monday.
It is usually the day, when you are on the way back to “normality”. This year it was still filled with Highlights you were not allowed to miss. So, I had Misfits on my schedule. I already missed so many other Must Haves so I couldn’t miss this as well, I said to myself. But you know, plans vs. reality …

(my last day outfit)

I met with my friend Sukie and her husband (the guys with whom I spent the whole day before) in town and we went for lunch at the most aweful Italian restaurant the world have seen. We thought – aaaw, how cool, they have a special Gothic card … but it didn’t taste. The service was a mess. (It is the “Andria” at the Nikolaistr 20 – aweful. Don’t go for it. Even Pizza Hut is better)

After that “shock”. Sukies husband met with the others at the Parkbühne for some bands and Sukie and me went shopping to the Agra Hall. I shot some Eyeshadows by Grimas and then we both wanted to see finally the superb Live Band Coppelius.

I love those boys from Berlin. They seem to jump out of a lost century and they combine chamber music with Hard Core to built their own Chambercore. They are fantastic artists, actors and musicians. Just watch …

Just brillant! I love them. The poor thing was, the concert was of course tooooooooo short.

Sukie and me liked the show a lot and then we met the rest of the bunch for the last supper at the Irish Pub Killi Willy where we grabbed our last dinner together. Jenny and me later tried to get into the Werk II to see MISFITS. Of course we left too late the Killi Willy, so we were standing in a very very long row in front of the venue. Just 10 meters before the entering door, there was the entry stop and we had to get home. Unfortunately. But we definitely had a great WGT at all.

I have seen some cool (old) bands and I have met a lot of friends again and yeah, I will do it next year again. I am very sure of.

Hope you had fun with the review.

P.S.: The day later I left Leipzig with one ICE that was completely filled with “black” people in at least 3 waggons. That was kind of brillant. I felt like being at home … at least until the first stop in Berlin.