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So, Day 3 came along. It was Saturday. I have to add that I missed on Friday the superb Soror Dolorosa.

I wanted to see them but it is not possible to cut yourself into pieces for just one big weekend to see anything. Well, I repeat my words again and again. Anyway …

On Saturday Ro & Norman left the appartement for myself alone. They visited their family. I went at noon to the splendid Café Riquet for having brunch with the four ladies of the Fanclub Colour-Ize. There were only two of them coming but we had fun anyway. By the end of our brunch, the lost two ones just came to the Café and we went to the MB and went again across the Medieval market at the roof and tried to organize our schedules. I collaborated with my friended family that was at the Parkbühne yet to be there almost the whole day. That was their plan. I wanted to see them anyway and I didn’t have any ideas what to do before the Ballett at the evening in the Opera. So, I went to see them. (I don’t post pictures of them… sorry.)

We were watching the first band of the schedule at this venue. It was THE COLD – a German band. I have seen some years before. I have had them in memory as a very boring band that sounds like “The Cure for kindergarden”. But this time, the sound was better, the songs had a better drive and anyhow, I liked their show. It was a good start of the day. The weather was brillant for the outdoor thing and I had quite a lot fun with my friends.

After The Cold, I left my friends and it was time to get to the Opera to hunt one ticket for the Ballett down. I wanted to see the legendary Ballet by Choreographer Uwe Scholz (R.I.P.) “Die große Messe” {by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart}. The Ballett is a two hours long epic work. The music was made life by the Choir and Orchestra of the Gewandhaus Leipzig. The dancers were superb. And I was amazed until the very end. Why?! I will tell you after you had the chance to see some pieces of it.

I was upset at the end of the Ballett. Cuz the Leipzig audience … there were only limited ticket seats for WGT visitors … they celebrated only the orchestra and the singers. Yeah, no question, they did a great job, but damn it, it was a ballett. There were more than 20 people on stage dancing their whole ass of for two hours without any break and they didn’t give a single shit about their solists. No honors at all. I was not pleased with that. They deserved more love from the Audience and the procedure of getting applause at all. It was disgusting and I was pissed. I was really pissed cuz they did the hardest job of anyone there on stage. So, end of rant.

After that, there was still time to find some bands I could discover or let give some attention.
So, I went back to the Moritzbastei to catch some tunes of AGENT SIDE GRINDER … that Swedish Industrial band … but the Moritzbastei was completely overcrowded and it was slightly hopeless for even finding the right hall in the venue. There are different “halls” inside. So, I gave up and went to the Parkbühne to have the chance to see Girls under Glass but I didn’t get into the venue as well. So, the last chance I had was for Cinema Strange and The Damned but this was just completely naive by myself to just think about to get into. So, I invested into the Leipzig Cab Industry and made myself a cozy early evening/night.

Agent Side Grinder

Cinema Strange

The Damned

So, it was time to drift into Day 4 that was hopefully a bit better for me and my cultural input. And well, I succeed. Definitely.

– to be continued –