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I have been to the most important “Festival” of the Gothic Scene worldwide. It is definitely the biggest one and it had its 20th anniversary. In 1992 the Treffen (it is called Treffen by purpose cuz it is a big get together of the Scene and the music, art, medieval fairs and so on are just the plus of it) had its first date at Withsun … there were just 2500 people but anyway … it was the beginning of a 20 years lasting Get Together in Leipzig, Germany. Now, it is really commercial and the Gothic Scene changed extremely but I still love it to be there. It is the only Festival I attend regularly even because of the people I want to see there. My friends. I just see them once a time in a year but it is always great. At the beginning of my love to the Treffen I wanted to see as much as possible bands and cultural events but now it just turned to the way, that I just want to see all my friends and it is always a really aweful coordination thing that anyone feels happy and if I can see some cultural Highlights I can call my Treffen (WGT for the future) spoiled/great… I am just extremely pleased.

I am regularly at the WGT since years. I always got the same place to stay there in town. I am not sleeping at the camping place or at one hotel. I got enough friends in Leipzig to stay there at private places. I am in a good position. Usually the whole town is overbooked. And on dates like this year when the Bachfest and the WGT meet … even more.

So, this year there were about 280 artists at about 50 locations on 5 days. You cannot see anything. It is just impossible. I downloaded the whole program before and it was about 48 pages long. 48 pages!!! I did set some Must haves and I did get them … not completely but the half of it. That was good. I remember I had one WGT where I just did see exactly three bands. (on 4 days) … this was awefully bad but I did enjoy it anyway. This year it was better, anyway.

My plan I had before I went to the Festival included these bands:

  • Agent Side Grinder – Swedish Industrial Pop > listen
  • Anathema – one of my boygroups …

    Anathema – Dreaming Light (from We’re Here Because We’re Here)

  • Artwork & Guests – German Experimental Neofolk / Neoclassic > listen
  • Cinema Strange – US American DeathRock listen
  • Coppelius – German ChamberCore listen
  • Deine Lakaien – German DarkWave listen
  • Diorama – German Melancholy DarkWave listen
  • Estampie – German Medieval Folk
  • Girls under Glass – German Electro Industrial listen
  • Killing Joke – US American Traditional Goth
  • Lake of Tears – Swedish Goth / Doom Metal listen
  • Misfits – US American (Horror) Punk listen
  • The Legendary Pink Dots – Anglo Dutch Experimental Rock listen
  • Love Like Blood – German Goth Band (Teenager Heroes of mine) listen
  • The Damned – British Punk Rock
  • Diamanda Galas – Canadian Goth Diva
  • The Ballett – Die Große Messe

    And well I did see from that list just: Coppelius, Deine Lakaien, Diamanda Galas and the Ballett.

    But I will start from the beginning.

    I got to Leipzig on the Thursday and I met my friend Nella to sell her the second ticket I bought by pardon at the main railway station. That was looking quite „black“ yet. We were getting our wristbands at the ticket box (those were extremely ugly by the way) and then we just departed. She went to her hotel cuz she wanted to be early at the first concert – set (The Opening Gala – with the Line Up of the 1st WGT in 1992) … I originally wanted to see this as well but all of sudden I got stuck in the appartement of my friends Ro & Norman that were quite often my hosts during withsun for the WGT. We have seen us the last time last year at the WGT and so it was time for a lot of chatting, having dinner and then it was 11pm they said. Well, we don‘t know what you will do, but we will watch now Coraline

    I very soon found myself at the couch with them … and was watching with them Coraline instead of attending the Opening Gala with Love Like Blood that I had on my „must see“ list. I later heard, the show was brillant. But I missed as well a couple of DJ sets across the whole town, you know.

    I was earlier in bed than suspected but I was happy anyway, I was with my friends.

    Day two the Friday started with a splendid breakfast and a lot of coordinating. Coordinating how to meet all friends, how to see all the bands I want to see and how to manage the whole day at all. So, I wanted to meet my friend Nella (who had my second ticket) anyway, again and she was the first time at the festival and she could stay there only for the Thursday and the Friday (big mistake as she considered afterwards … next year she will make the whole long weekend). So, we met each other at the main meeting point in the city the Moritzbastei … usually known as MB. It is a students club in the old town.

    At the top of the club that is built into old city walls there is a medieval market with music stages, some funny spectaculum events and of course a lot of beautiful people to watch at.
    I love it how “common” people and WGT visitors motion blur into each other. The Leipzig society is just an interesting community during this weekend in the year especially when other events meet each other as well. This year there was the annual BachFest, the Gustav Mahler Festival was just finished and the Vocal Festival was about to start. Usually WGT and Cityfest are meeting each other. Most interesting was it in 2006 when Bachfest, WGT, the Gay Lesbian Fest, FIFA Worldchampionships, Cityfest were alltogether in that town. You just didn’t know where to put your foot. Cuz the city was overcrowded.

    Anyway, I met Nella and the family and friends I know since 7 years and that I usually only meet at the WGT at the Moritzbastei where we had our second breakfast. I knew that I only wanted to see Diamanda Galas at this day. I wouldn’t be that sad, if I have had missed Deine Lakaien … cuz I know them and I have seen them quite often before and usually I love to see new to me bands or artists or those artists I haven’t seen before because they are not touring Europe that often. Anywaym Diamanda Galas was “rocking” the Opera at the Evening and I still had a lot of time to fill. So, I said bye bye to my friended family and grabbed my Nella to get to the Heidnisches Dorf – the Main Medieval Market in the South of Leipzig.

    And then we went into the big shopping mall at the Agra Exhibition Centre where Nellas wanted bands were supposed to play that night (including Deine Lakaien as last band of the day). After that shopping and inspirational trip, I left Nella and went back into town to get to the Opera. I wanted to have one of these limited tickets and I dated my Polish friends Katia and Pawel who wanted to see Diamanda Galas as well. I was waiting from 5pm to 9pm in front of the Opera together with Katia and Pawel and we three had perfect seats and it was it all worth to wait for Diamanda.

    You have to love the Diva otherwize you’d just run away in anger. She tested her audience that was for sure cuz after the first four songs that were really kind of “well, love it or hate it style” the audience got minimized and those people who stayed had the best concert that ever happened by that lady.

    Awesome photographs of that show you can see here: @ Peek-a-boo

    I was completely amazed after that show. It was definitely a big highlight for me, for Katia and for Pawel.

    We, three took us one Cab to get as fast as possible to Anathema (Pawel) and Deine Lakaien (Katia and me). Do you remember, I wanted to see Anathema and Deine Lakaien. The hell thing is, you usually cannot see all the bands you’d love to see because they often play the same time on different stages in exactly the completely wrong direction at the other side of the town. That is the entertaining part of the WGT … since 20 years. 🙂 Anyway, Pawel did see Anathema and we both Ladies had the most biggest luck to get to Deine Lakaien and even more bigger luck that Nella was waiting for us in the first row with a space for me … I forgot to mention that I met before the concert of Diamanda Galas Nellas biggest Goth – Star Oswald Henke. I was thinking quite few seconds about to ask for an autograph and then I just did.

    He gave me the autograph for Nella at one advertisment with my black Eyeliner … but anyway, it says “For Nella – Oswald Henke” … and all that Nella read was “Onkel Helmut” She asked me: “Who is Onkel Helmut?” … Well, that is just another sidestory I usually have at those WGTs.

    I don’t like the Agra Hall. It has an aweful sound. It has an aweful sound and will ever have an aweful sound. But anyhow, Deine Lakaien made the best out of it and they were brillant as ever. I was really really happy to listen to one of my favourite songs I haven’t listen to for ages called “Fighting the Green”.

    Here you can see brillant pictures as well @ Peek-a-boo

    Besides the fact that I originally wanted to drop Deine Lakaien from the list of my schedule I was very happy to see the concert and it was another Highlight of the WGT. After the concert I met with all the guys of the official Fanclub of Deine Lakaien Colour-ize and by the time of 2:30 am I was absolutely k.o. and wanted to get back to the bed. I organized the date with a brunch at one of the most popular cafes in the City of Leipzig with a few of these Colour-izlers and then I vanished into the night to “WGT Day 3”.

    — to be continued —