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David Foster Wallace was a very intelligent man who wrote a lot of books that can fulfill your mind and late evenings, nights and a lot a of discussions. He studied mathematics and in his short life interesting things like the endlessness. He has had endless fun in writing complicated novels and non fiction books.

Something bout David Foster Wallace (DFW) first … IYAI (if you are interested)
DFW was born in Feb 21, 1962 (Ithaca, New York) and died after suicide (he had serious depressions) in Sep 12, 2008 (Claremont, California). He was a Professor for English Literature (Creative Writing) and as I mentioned above, he studied Mathematics as well.

His most popular work is “Infinite Jest” (that still waits in my bookshelf to be read) and “Everything and More – A Compact History of Infinity”

I read the book bout Georg Cantors Infinity thing. At the beginning I thougt. Wow … DFW will make fun … later I found out he is more than funny. He explains in that book complicated mathematical problems and usually adds some phrases like: For layperson like you and me … Funny guy … he studied the mathematics. I am glad I had some higher mathematics at studies as well but this book is absolutely nothing for laypersons. I read the complete book with a blankbook and pencil to reinvent all the mathematical problems that he described. At the beginning of the book he has a list of abbreviations he says, you usually know. I didn’t know any of them before. Any!!! The book was massively complicated but by the end, I managed to have fun with it. It really invented my brain and I had fun with all those mathematical problems and by the first time I kind of started to understand combinatorical analysis (That wasn’t main subject in it … but I start to understand it). I will read “Infinite Jest” cuz my sister just fixed me to do it. So, you will sooner or later read again bout DFW here at this blog. So hold on!