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Bookcover Oliver Sacks - The Mind's Eye

I read “The Mind’s Eye” by Oliver Sacks. His latest book about the abilities to see and about the neurological phenomenoms that makes you not to see the world in the right way. Whatever right might be.

Oliver Sacks is a wellknown and brillant Prof of Neurology and Psychiatry. He is living in New York City and he works at the Columbia University and is a brillant author about phenomenoms and cases of his patients in the tradition of Alexander Lurija. He released a lot of books yet … like “The Man who mistook his wife for a hat” “Awakenings” or “Musicophilia”

His latest book contains 7 essays about 7 different difficulties in watching / seeing … in each chapter I thought – yeah – I know this from myself! This was fascinating kind of and frustrating as well.

So for example:
The first chapter is about people who can watch slightly well but cannot read … they can see letters and notes (sheetmusic) and they probably know the meaning of one single letter but cannot put these letters to senseful words or musictunes. The described phenomenom is not like Legasthenia because the described people coud write words with senses and could write music … it was just difficult to read them. There was always a need to put a physiological component into it.

Another chapter was about people who are “Faceblind” and who are “Locationblind” … so who got difficulties in find locations. I often have those problems. I am feeling safe whenever I got a plan or a map as a location backup anywhere in my pocket. I am completely lost when I have to walk difficult roads to places I know. I cannot change destinations with different routes. I would be completely lost. And I am absolutely faceblind. I can remember faces but honestly I do remember them because I hear their voices.

So, the book is brillant written. I was weeping while reading it cuz it did often touch my heart. The book is not written for people who are any way related to neurology or psychiatry. Oliver Sacks writes always for “usual common” people. He is a unique person that can describe problems in the most understandable way.

Did you read any books of Oliver Sacks yet?! What did you think bout “The Mind’s Eye”? Have you seen “Awakenings” yet?

For any further information bout Oliver Sacks. Go and check his site: OliverSacks.Com.

The book “The Mind’s Eye” was released by Alfred A. Knopf New York / Toronto …. in Germany as “Das innere Auge” at the publishinghouse rowohlt.

So, I hope this was a good suggest to read a non fiction book.

Djum riab lia, Devi