i made this video last week, i taped my camera to my easel and recorded myself doing a sketch on canvas. now you see 30 minutes stuffed into 3,5 minutes…speed painting 🙂
the music is by the wonderful band COSIO , they broke up but i love theyr album .
THE CACOPHONIST is one of my favorites.
i used the song “pearls to swine” with permission of the band.
your neck line is like pearls to swine
in the company of this crowd
without a word you summon me near
by the contours of your back
if your body be braille
i´ll read a novel
and never miss my sight
your love is like milk and honey
unto the wandering israelite
forgive the dirt under findernails
as i kiss the hem of your garment
pay no mind to the lack of refine
no debutante´s love could fair
my lust offends even harlequins
with downward eyes
but your love it stares confidently
into my beguilded face
and the weeping willows echo my cries
the moth he knows my plight
your love is like monarchs mating
and falling to earth in mid-flight

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