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These are short guidelines for getting into the right Culture and Artsflash in May 2011. So, what’s coming up next. What do I plan to write about for you and what do you haven’t to miss.

First of all … if you got by any chance the possibility to get to wonderful Hamburg and you want to see an awesome impressive collection of Gerhard Richters Work … You still have the chance to see his Work at the Bucerius Kunstforum in Hamburg until May 15th.
More info bout Gerhard Richter you can catch up here

  • 1st Gerhard Richter Dot Com
  • 2nd Bilder einer Epoche – Pictures of an era
  • 3rd Unscharf – An hommage to Gerhard Richter you can see this until May 22nd at the Kunsthalle Hamburg

    There is another incredibly good exhibition at the Kunsthaus Stade about the early works of Horst Jannssen. It will last until May 8th.
    More info right here:

  • 1st Horst Jannssen Museum
  • 2nd Die Suche – Das Frühwerk von Horst Jannssen – Early Works of Horst Jannssen

    On May 16th there will be the only Germany concert of David Helfgott in this year in Berlin. I will be there at the Berlin Philharmony. You will get an exclusive review bout this concert.

    This season, the ballett “Midsummernightsdream” ( watch the trailer here ) choreographed by John Neumeier is back on schedule in May. I have the chance to see it. So, you will get a slightly warm glimpse of it. And maybe you will become sooner or later a ballett fan like I am.

    And of course I am reading books … you will get some reviews to books that I recently read in Year 2011 so far. So hold on, stay curious and give me feedback.

    Djum riab lia, Devi

    Quote of the day: “Terroristen töten Osama bin Laden” (Terrorists killed Osama bin Laden) – headline from the daily newspaper Junge Welt