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sometimes i feel the urge to buy printed media…like on paper and so…you remember?

what i found in the german news magazine DER SPIEGEL made me really wanna go out and puke…no joke.

it´s an article about an exhibition of ernst ludwig kirchner paintings in the sprengel museum in hannover/germany.

and i always thought…why these weird colors???…now i can guess why…


DER SPIEGEL writes that these girls named

fränzi and marcella have lived in dresden

and that the painter group of expressionists

ernst ludwig kirchner, erich heckel and max pechstein

did spend some summers around 1910 with these two girls [ !!! ].

after research who these girls might have been

the age of the girls might have been around 10

and the other one around 15 years old , plus/minus…

i try to give you a translated version of one part of the article in DER SPIEGEL (this is not an exact word to word translation) :

the youth of the models feeds the debate about a possible pedophilia of kirchner.  for example :the artist wrote a letter to his colleague  heckel and talked about marcellas body, from ” suggestions, that make one insane. better than in older girls”!


anyone else want to puke?