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this took much too long but finally i uploaded a new art video on you tube

my editor @cherubimu told me it took  two hours of rendering for a minute of film.

he created the city with the programme google sketch up . there is a version for free download .

after he created the locations he added my artworx to the rooms and walls of the place.

the pictures are mostly from my DIY ArtBookProject but also feature pictures that will be in the next issue

of the DIY ArtBookProject. i have some ideas and i have a dear friend contributing with words again.

more about that later.

the music in this video is from the US band The Mercury Veil

they gave me the permission to use theyr song “Steeples” for my video and currently

i´m working on album artwork for them.

i hope you enjoy it

♥  thanx to @cherubimu for all the work on the video and @destrophiliac for the music