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if you read this blog regularly you already stumbled

over this name: Julie M. Tate

the authoress of the fabolous blog Gossip [&] the Devil

and creator of Modern Orphan Design (and much more…)

i met her at sp.com almost a year ago and we started talking.

we started to exchange art.

she did  send me buttons and flowers,

i did send her this print and an original piece of my art

(and i can´t find it inside the big brain of my computer right now…).

i love julies writing because she knows how to explain what

(and that might sound silly)

i always wanted to say about art and never did

and also would have never been able to say  so elegant.

her writing style is unique and true and you can feel that she is real.

for example:

The arts have been all but abandoned. Society as a whole does not care anymore, despite small pockets of resistance in major cities. [I like to call them outposts.] Music is discardable, it isn’t meant to move you to that near-orgasmic point of no return. There are more poets than good poetry. A few foggy, out of focus snaps post-basement party: PHOTOGRAPHER. Auto-tuning, a dye job and some sampling: MUSICIAN. Or worse yet “I have a pen, some paper and a small understanding of language.” In other words: POET.

It’s discouraging. Poets were once respected. Hell they were hired by nobility to be live-in scribes. Why? Because they knew that they would die but their legacy didn’t have to. They’d pay thousands of dollars for painted portraits because those are the things we look at today, in the year 2009. Our history was handed down through song. Now, in the heat of the 2000’s, when everything can be recorded on a cell phone these things are rapidly decreasing. Like the lost art…read more here

NOW miss tate self published her first chapbook

“the rough chronicles of bipolar romance”

and i am very excited to see this artist grow.

i didn´t get the chance to read “the rough chronicles of bipolar romance”

yet, but i can give you a link to someone who did.

please read the first book review of “the rough chronilcles of bipolar romance” here

and check out the work of Julie M. Tate  at http://www.devilgossip.com/ .