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i hate it if links get cold like in my last post…this video dissapeared…hmmm…


so well…what did i do the last days…i tweeted a lot…of course.

i painted…got this awesome canvas paper…or cotton pages…i dk how it´s in english…

it is just awesome…i play with my acrylics and switch off my brain…

to have the right paper is very inspiring.

i created a page @ yuwie http://www.yuwie.com/nataschaartworx/

i got an pre order for a framed print in oktober

i am working on the DoItYourselfArtBookProject together with @devilgossip Julie M. Tate

a little collection of some of my artworx with lyrics and artie words by Julie.

you should check out her fabolous website Gossip [&] the devil .

i will be featured at this place http://www.silverthornpress.com/

i met the creator of this site via twitter…i like twitter, did i mention that?

well, enough for today…if you wanna know what i (natascha artworx) am doing

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have a good time