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the next schanzenfest in mind the natol-team (@NataschaArtworx & @cherubimu) created some shirts to help the police to hit the right people and not the innocent ones…

civilians help for the police of hamburg

if you visit hamburg and esp. the party scene of the schanzenviertel you might need that shirt.


also a german satire blog posted the story of the shirt and it´s birth and got me some sales. and believe me i don´t get rich with that, i tryed to make them as affordable as possible!

come and get yourself a shirt, protect yourself…the print glows in the dark, for cops orientation…


watch that video…from min. 3:14 on you see how hamburgian cops use gas into a small little pub, hit people and use the watercanon without any reason. one reporter got hit by the baton right into the face…the man lost four front teeth and he had nothing to do with the rioting in the quarter…

this little pub is the fan pub of the popular st.pauli  football club and the owners and fans are very very angry about the way the police of hamburg/ germany treated them…this is not over yet. now the lawyers and the politicians are arguing about the case. comes out that the cop leaders start to lie about the case and start to be very creative…but can 100 pub guests tell the same lie?

NEWS +++ Schanzenfest reloaded will take place on Septemer 12th, 2009 +++