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well…after thinking and thinking about what i can do to bring my

art to the people and how to make a little bit money with it (yes,

money…i know that sucks, but it´s that simple)

i decided to make it in two ways.

the first one is…

i sell prints of my pictures.

or better, i give them to you for a donation.

i print them at home with my canon on high Q  photopaper.

absolutely indie 🙂

take a look at my NataschaArtworx Homepage and you can see the

links to my other places & spaces + my artworx

if you are interrested please go to my blankpage

please read the last post, it will tell you how this donation art/thing works

and push the pay pal donation (spenden) button.

don´t forget to tell me what particular print  you want.

and then i will send it right to you 🙂 .

the second way is: i am creating little artbooks and i am planning

to give them away for a donation of $ 5,- + .

you can see the first draft in my my space blog

(my-my…i know …silly)


if you are interrested in those you can pre order-like them now.

again: use the pay pal button at my blankpage and tell me what

your donation is for ( print or booklet or both…)

i hope to hear from you…the booklets will be awesome!!! i have so much fun doing that!

…and the first pre orders 🙂

thank you for your support