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well i have to tell you…

so much was going on here in hamburg/germany last weekend.

first there was the “schanzen fest” a street party-like

meeting of young people and people who live in the “schanzen viertel”,

the club, pub and go out place to go.

really, it´s cool there,

but every year this fest collapses and becomes a street battle with the police.

like this year…but really…

for me it quite looks like as if the cops waited for a reason to crash the party…

like every year…

i heard from people that there were 2000 cops and about 1600 people…

and i´m so happy i don´t live there…imagine you are sitting on your sofa

and BLAM! your window blows inside and water comes in…in the third floor

(that´s a true story of a person that lived there…happened years ago)

i work in this part of hamburg, and my boss told me that the trash can of our

place burned out…

well, fortunately there is you tube,

so i am able to show you a little bit of what was happening here:

the following four videos have very good pictures, but i think this is a cop cam or something…but anyway,

good pictures…the other videos are you tube user videos, and ain´t that funny?

brave new world…i think if the people would not have had digi cams and cell phones

to take videos and pictures of the scene, the police would have been more violent.

so…we see YOU…this shot goes backwards.

you want to know everything about us?

here! you´re welcome! read my facebook and my my space,

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from minute 4 on you can see the street were my workplace is…

and at minute 5.22 you see how the cops crash into a pub with

normal people just because some riots ran into it to hide.

i heard they ran into that pub and were beating everyone they were

able to get…today a went this street and the windows of that pub

, they have aplexi glass coat,

are broken, from inside…

and i will write another post later this evening about our

nuklear power plant and broken waterpipes…