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Margret Eicher , Venus 2005

Margret Eicher , Venus 2005

The exhibition “Once upon a time” presents Margret Eichers latest work.

Large format tapestries, using the Jaquard weaving process,

are the focal point.

Their opulent narrative portrayals, converging the distant past with the

present, tell us stories about life in the 21st century.

With her wall hangings Eicher chooses an historical form of imagery.

True to medieval and Barock representation of power using Gobelins,

Eicher`s tapestries show the “rich and beautiful” of our times.

The subjects treat traditionally depicted themes in an iconological

and modern rendition: Primarily the displaying of power, struggle,

wealth and talent. By means of her compositional portrayals using

collages of prominent motifs from the mass media, Eicher puts topical

events and echos of historical events into a seemingly antiquated,

mythological context.

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Galerie CaesarKoba

Am Sandtorkai 4
20457 Hamburg