i almost forgot about this site until some of my friends twittered about it…

so i thought i´d raise this child a little bit…

now i´m rebuilding it.

i want it to be mine.

i want to buy my own domain…

there is an option for that, but that would cost about 25 $

(and more, but this is the cheapest option)

for a year.

i would really appreciate your help,

even if you donate 50 cent…

every penny counts.

the more i get thru donations,

the better the site can be build…upgrades cost…

and i would throw the apps out

(that´s part of the deal, i can only do that if it´s my own, i guess…)

i want to unite all my webstuff there.

newnatol will be a part of it, my you tube channel, my space, twitter,

the webshops and everything.

i can put up backroundmusic there…awesome!!! just found out…

so…friends, don´t let me down!

♥♥♥love & peace and stay healthy !!!


UPDATE: the pay pal button does not work there, yet

so feel free to go to this page and leave me 1 or 2 $ …see ya !