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this is a google map showing the cases (and possible cases) of the swine flu.


yesterday i found a much better map, but it doesn´t work right now…maybe too many people watch it…but yesterday it said: Epidemic Hazard – Middle-America Event summary EDIS Number EH-20090424-21403-MEX Event type Epidemic Hazard Date / time [UTC] 24/04/2009 – 03:24:37 Country Mexico Area Mexico City, San Luis Potosí, Oaxaca, Baja, Mexicali County / State – City – Cause of event Unknown Log date [UTC] 24/04/2009 – 03:24:37 Damage level Catastrophic Time left – Latitude: N 19° 24.638 Longitude: W 99° 7.835 Number of deads: 68 persons Number of injured persons: Not or Not data Number of missing persons: Not or Not data Number of infected persons 1004 Number of evacuated persons: Not or Not data Population No data!

and today i read somewhere that there are 1300 infected persons and 81 dead persons…

the virus also spreads to europe, france and spain so far.
scary scary shit…

take care people!