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There is something greater
The dawning of the sun & moon
As I run through the forest of chaos
I think of you
Do we understand
the picture
or are we a blurred lens
Do we know what love is?
or do we simply know the trend
What do we familiarize with?
or a commercial?
Scripted with a decieving plot.
You lay with eyes open
but the eye to your soul
is closed.
Greet the birth.
Sleep and taste death
For walking has become a cemented stance.
Breathe into me
your reasonings
for the dawn seems chill
and the dangers
a lustful thrill.
Break the patterns in all I know.
& slowly you will decode
the mystery of which you seek
For the road is not to far from your feet.

With infinate love
and reoccuring hate



painting and poem by the beautyful sunflowerdagger…