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the Boeing b 52  stratofortress flies calmly and unlighted

the crew on board of the bomber is excited

the radio failed and the machine flies remote controlled

” oh my God “  screams the pilot

” the machine loses at height

if we maintain this course we slam directly into the empire state building!”

the crew is trained and puts the parachutes on

” as soon as we are over the mainland you jump, that´s an instruction! “

one of the soldiers is surprised that the pilot doesn´t put his parachute on

” what is with you, sir? “ the soldier asks

the pilot answers with tears in the eyes

” my wife and my children live in new york city .

I will make the atom bomb which we have on board innocuous …”

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10:47 am

knecht ruprecht sees the b 52 bomber

aiming directly at him

knecht ruprecht stops the time

one meter before the machine hits the empire state building

with his rod he strikes a hole into the airplane and enters

knecht ruprecht feels

that the time itself wants to move on

against his will

 he sees the pilot busy with a bomb

it is an atom bomb

millionths of  a second after the nuclear fission


and this straight taken place nuclear fission

withdraws knecht ruprecht slowly  the power over the time

he tears the bomb from the mounting plate

and jumps with the bomb to the roof of the airplane

knecht ruprecht throws the bomb into the hudson river

 he takes the pilot and runs from the empire state building

then…against his will

the time starts to run

 and the bomb explodes


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the story is originally written by cherubimu, it is work in progress, he writes it while he writes it…clear? ;)…so stay tuned. i still have three other parts to translate and then i don´t know what happens next, too…nobody does …stay tuned and have fun!!!