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the Boeing b 52  stratofortress flies its way straight

the soldiers in the belly of the bomber sleep

and in such a way nobody gets what happens

the pilot and the co pilot are dead

stabbed with a short knife direct in the heart

the b 52 needs no pilot anymore

because now it is remote-controlled

and will meet the exact point if destination

– – – – – – – – – – – – –


12/25. 1952

09:45 pm

edemus anger writes the report for headquarters

he sits in his hotel room and he finally figured out

to telephone with the FBI headquarters

they took  his story with the reindeers and the meeting with knecht ruprecht

to the knowledge

the bulkheading of manhatten got denied

edemus anger does not understand the world any longer

all manhatten got witnesses of the reindeer attack

and that New York is in the state of emergency

might not be unseen by the world public

actually he is sure that noone will be able to hush up history

– – – –

the population of manhattens hides

the roads are empty

it is deadly quiet in the city

edemus anger does not even get out of manhatten

and he realizes that his life isn´t worth a single penny anymore

he knows too much

he decides to get drunk

he leaves the hotel

crosses the 5th avenue

and goes into the central park

he wants to collect reindeer excrement

to guarantee evidence

but a noise is there in the sky and

he is suddenly wrapped in deafening noise

that the engines of the B 52  produce


an enormous pressure wave seizes him

and trows him in the air

at the place where his hotel was is now

a fire hell

edemus instingtively starts to run

he runs to the water

he must get out of manhatten

because he is sure that this airplane

was supposed to hit him personally

edemus knows too much

he knows the approach

he is now a public enemy

– – – – – – – – – – – –


12/25. 1952

05:24 pm

zorrac is his only name

nobody knows how old he is

nobody knows where he came from

he is not an official member of the catholic church

he is rather more an unofficial coworker of a department of the vatikan

that officially not exists

zorrac feeds the dogs

his dogs

“bloodhounds of satan”

they are unofficially called

because zorrac thinks if you want to fight the devil

you do it best with his own weapons

and zorrac has something for his dogs

a blood test

of the devil personally

a devil in New York

that provided chaos and death

he is only confused about the reindeers

he never heard about a connection of reindeers

in the fight of good against evil

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written by django cherubimu

in collaboration with natol-the collaborative art blog and more

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