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01:38 am

edemus anger does not know how he came to the top of the empire state building

he is bound and one step away from the abyss

 he hears sound ” excuse the situation…”

edemus anger turns his head carefully

into the direction from where he heard the voice

and he twitches and slips

and falls

knecht ruprecht catches edemus and sits him down besides him

edemus anger trembles with fright and he feels safe now

beside the man that  attacked manhatten right before

and destroyed that camp in Alaska

the vocal cords of edemus anger are as paralyzed

” my name is knecht ruprecht “


the man wispers

“your military  shot santa claus over alaska

and deported him to area 51

rudolph the rednosed reindeer got killed

you don´t know what you did to yourself “

edemus anger can´t believe what he hears

but a few moments ago

he did hide himself from wild reindeers

in a bar in new york



knecht ruprechts face gets dark

” why do you attack us?

why did you kidnap santa claus ?

i know it !

you want power

you want to get the knowledge about the time

you want to know what keeps the world together

some of you say

– we are searching for god !-

i know what you´d do

if you´d find him

you´d want to kill him …”

knecht ruprecht breathes deep

and says sadly

“… that´s the way you are “

edemus anger does not understand the world anymore

and he remembers the coded telephone communication

with his friend

the adviser of the president

and that means

that the president knows nothing

not even that the camp in alaska did exist

the operation was too secret

because no president of the united states would 

admitt in public that he believes in santa claus

or give a firing instruction…

edemus has to keep calm

to be able to talk

he does not know how long his brain can stand

this surrealistic situation

knecht ruprecht looks at him

with a serious face

” i will have to srew your presidents christmas party !”

edemus finally manages himself to talk

” no…”

he weakly sais

knecht ruprecht does not seem to hear edemus

”i´ll just take him with me

and no human alive will be able to stop me. “

edemus anger takes all of his courage

” he doesn´t know, the presisent does not know

nobody in the white house knows about the situation …”

an explosion interrupts edemus anger

the brooklyn bridge breaks down

edemus anger knows that the bridge got blown up

he knows that the other bridges will get blowed up, too

and the tunnels

manhatten gets blocked

nobody will get in or out




02 :50 am

zaphirah and wartuum are sitting in a greyhound bus direction the south

although it is warm in the bus

they carry caps

they do not want to cause excitement

and hide  their long ears


” AREA 51 is so secret that we know nothing

all we know for sure is that there are

a lot of undercover military

if ruprechts plan works out

the armed forces will be taken off the area and

will be moved to new york…”

wartuum now notices that zaphirah sleeps….

and he looks sorrowfull into the night


german original by cherubimu

translated by natol with help from babelfish


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