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i´ve watched this movie yesterday…and i was shocked how bad the situation seems to be…here in germany it starts like this, too. little by little the healthcare companys want extra pay for this and extra pay for that…i can remember when i was a child…everything was for free (well not for free, the working people do all have a health insurance auromaticly, it is payed half from the money they earn (automaticly)and half from their employer. )…but now you work and you have to pay, too…above the payment you give from your working money.

it is bad for people with teeth problems here, too…even for kids. i´ve payed my kids dentist 600,-€…and i have a health insurance!…when i was little, kids got their medication and it was ok. no pay above…but now…

or the college…a few years ago it was free, now the students have to pay. i think it is good for a country to give their people a free college education. you can have a brain if you are poor, too…but you are not supposed to use it, because you can´t afford the education???

so sorry, this is the beginning of the end…

…i had tears in my eyes at the end of the movie…these people, i´m so sorry for them.



click here for FULL SCREEN 


and hey, i know that this is just a movie, but the people and their storys, if half of that is true it is bad enough…