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03:17 am

the lionkiller and the critical speak quietly

santa is awake but keeps his eyes closed

he notices that he is bound to a chair again

and he smells and feels that he wears dirty underwear

he opens his eyes and sees himself in a large mirror

it is a deplorable sight

he is in the room of steel again

and does not exactly know wether the hospital was real or not

santa is very weak and can hardly keep his head up

the critical notices that santa is awake

”by the was, we wounded knecht ruprecht

it is only a matter of time until we catch him…”

santa notices that the critical is not so self-assured as before 

” why?” santa weakly wants to know

” you are not supposed to exist, santa claus. who knows which ideology you really have.”

lionkiller answeres

” I cannot sleep well if i know that there is someone out there

that can penetrate my house without beeing noticed!”

Santa Claus smiles

”you still fear the darkness joseph miller.”

santa cynical says to lionkiller

– known as general joseph miller

he can´t move for a second

joseph Miller has his childhood before his eyes

he notices that his  heart races

the critical reacts fast

he presses a button

santa notices a pass in the left lower arm and falls asleep


german original by cherubimu

translated by natol with help from babelfish

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