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there are not many artists that are so creative like linda strawberry.

she is a multi talent, she sings, writes music, plays several instruments, draws, paints, creates design stuff…well everything! and she promotes herself. right now she plans to rebuild the lindastrawberry.com site which got down because of the death of UBER ( i wrote a little post about that ).

i´d like to show you some of her brilliant artworks here in her zazzle webshop

and she also has a christmas sale on her my space…get the lost record for 8 $ plus free shipping!!!

this record is amazing, you can hear some of the songs on her my space.


now some linda strawberry music

DIG ( 2007 ) /Song available on iTunes. Directed by Justin Coloma.


SENORA ( 2008 ) / directed by Justin Coloma

this song will be on the upcoming record LIP DISTORTION


and who is the real linda strawberry? i love this video, it is so funny! she is just cool :p !

see ya 😉