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santa wakes up

he lies in 6 beds large hospital room

he is not bound and can look out of one of the windows

he sees widens quilts

one of the present nurses comes to santa and arranges his pillow

” well Mr. Claus, we slept beautifully?”

the nurse asks

” where am I? ” santa askes back

the nurse smiles noncommittal

” where am I?” santa repeats

” well, we don´t want to excite ourselves again!” the nurse says determining

santa notices that he has problems to move himself

he can´t manage to get up


santas voice thunders surprisingly loud thru the sick-room

some of the other patients start to laugh hystericly or start to cry on

before santa recognizes the situation

the nurse gives him another injection and santa falls asleep immediately

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –



6: 06 pm

knecht ruprecht feels the bullet in his shoulder

the pain makes him angry

and he can hardly listen to that talkactive elf

” man, that was a great show.

head off

New York policeman got cut back by Santa Claus assistant

– you have nerves,

and that you come to us

the whole city looks for you

they do not know who you really are

but those will find you sometime if you remain longer in New York

it is Christmas and you make such a performance here.

that does not come out so well here…. “

knecht ruprecht bites the teeth together while the talkactive elf

pulls the bullet out with a filigran pliers

” there is the small ill author.” the elf says joyfully

” am I safe here?” ruprecht wants to know  ” because of the humans?”

the elfe is amused over these asks

” that is an elfish-hiding place that can not be found by humans…”

knecht ruprecht closes the eyes and falls asleep.

the elfe notices that not immediately and continues to chat merrily while she sews the wound

” thus humans cannot find us but dogs

over the sense of smell of the dogs

this hiding place could be found….”

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –



5:24 pm

dimitri has a blood test

from a person that attacked him

the contacts dimitri has into the underworld are considerable

but now at christmas time he has to reach very deeply in his pocket

to get a team together.

what he needs the most are dogs

” dogs?”

the man beside him at the table of the small dirty bar asks dimitri

” it is going to be a hunt – and the hives is fast

unusually fast

I participated

it is going to be a hunt for which i need experienced hunters and dogs

I have a blood test of this hives

it would not only be a job

it would be a hunt as in the old times! “

the man beside dimitri nods rises wordlessly and walks away

dimitri takes a strong sip whiskey and looks forward to the forthcoming hunt

he would catch this fucking bastard

and force him to work for his country

dimitry already sees his new position completely clear ….

he does not hear the shot

the bullet rips his heart to pieces

he is immediately dead

the man who sat beside him takes the blood test from the coat bag of dimitri

and leaves the bar inconspicuously

the  barkeeper buries 90 % alcohol

and ignites bar

german original from cherubimu

translated by natol and babelfish