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2:10 pm

dimitri must struggle for air

the man who destroyed the camp in alaska

presses his throat with iron hands

” I must penetrate AREA 51.”ruprecht says

dimitri is a tough kgb agent guy

and has made some strong experiences

but this voice is like a chainsaw in his ears

like heavy current

that immobilizes and poisons him

knecht ruprecht releases the throat of dimitri

and puts him down

on the urine-stinking trainstation toilet floor

ruprecht gets himself down

and whispers into dimitris ears

” you go and get me the plans.

i will visit you. do not disappoint me.”

dimitri fights against his powerlessness

and  spits into ruprechts face.

” you fucking bastard…”

he weakly sais.

then the door slams up and dimitri hears  wild shouting.

knecht ruprecht is strained

the policemen aim at him

and he sees in their faces

that they wanted to find him

one of the policemen fires


knecht ruprecht bleeds from the left shoulder

the policeman collapses  headlessly

and knecht ruprecht is gone


dimitri crawls over the ground

he takes a small steel tube out of his coat bag

and takes a blood test

the second policeman still stares

at his headless buddy

dimitri shouts at him

”HE is vulnerable, this bastard!

go and get some more reinforcement, man!!”

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –



09:28 am

santa simply rises

he is bound with heavy rope

but he tears it up like  thread

the critical and the lionkiller expected such a thing

santa notices a strange smell and sinks down…

to be continued…

original written in german by cherubimu

translated by natol with help from babelfish