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2:01 pm

edemus anger observed that float in that station

he does not know why however it feels uneasy

there is something scary in air

something that is different

something that does not fit the christmas charm

he should be in Alaska

but now he sits  in a New York  trainstation

and waits for dimitri

dimitri is an unofficial contact

from FBI to kgb

and an informative meeting would be of large interest for all sides

and an indication for that the nuclear war will be not today

edemus anger is a fine-intimate human

and he notices everything in his environment

also this face

for the fraction of one second

the attempt to see this face a second time fails


edemus anger knows this voice

it is dimitry who managed it to take a seat beneath edemus without beeing noticed

” dimitri, well finally – so your people did not attack the camp in alaska…”

wants to know edemus

dimitri laughs out loud

” edemus, edemus – we russians love christmas

and what shall we do in alaska? but, edemus, we are among us…”

dimitri speaks now very quietly and edemus anger must hear exactly

” we have one witness. and we have a photo guaranteed,

– at the north entrance of the station waits a taxi,

the driver wears a red hat

get into the taxi

and take the suit-case with you when step out ,edemus

we also do not know what exactly happened there,

although we observed your camp exactly

but I want to know one thing

what did you shot  there?”

edemus can´t give an answere

dimitri pays his drink

and leaves without a goodbye

edemus puts ten a dollar bill on the table

and runs to the north entrance of the station

he sees the driver also the red hat and rises into the taxi

he sees the suit-case

opens it

opens an envelope

and sees the photo

” THE FACE!!” screams edemus

the cab driver does not understand

”tell dimitri that HE is here in new york “ says edemus and disappears from the taxi

and runs back into the station

he must call only one person and in at least 10 minutes the station is completely blocked

– – – – – –

edemus uses the 10 minutes to read what the witness said:

“…i stood in the kitchen as i noticed a vibration of the ground

that became fast stronger

i ran outside to look what could be the the matter and there they already came

reindeers millions of angry reindeers

they rolled over the camp and tore many comrades with them

also the whole thing lasted only 10 to 15 minutes

then they dissapeared

many comrades were heavily wounded

the whole camp was broke down by the reindeers

…. then he came

he came from the same direction like the reindeers

and he had such a thing like a large glowing rod

then he began to scream out loud

but that was not human screaming

and we where not able to fire one shot

– – – – – he was suddenly everywhere simultaneous

at least it seemed to me in such a way

and with his rod he destroyed the fighter planes and the tanks which we had

it was as if the rod melted the steel,…”


that was everything,

edemus knows that the report was not complete

there was  more going on in Alaska.

but why now?

why at christmas season?



original written in german by django cherubimu

translated by natol