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made this video and wrote this…(thanx for sharing)

11/24/08 – Tampa Bay Area Florida- 8:00am Gianthole in the sky. Weatherman errr- Weatherwoman claims this as a rare phenomenon, caused by Jet fuel in cirrus clouds. WAKE UP PEOPLE! WFTS-28 is telling the masses this is nothing to worry about, just a rare occurrence. Get back to your job, nothing to see here people move along. Don’t forget to go outside enjoy the sun, which is block out by fake clouds and breath in that fresh aluminum-barium air.


so…what the heck is that???

a hole punch cloud? i found this:http://weatherthings.com/holepunch.html

but still…very strange…what do you think?


i wanted to post it much earlyer, but i had so much to do in the REAL life…many shit…