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antoni gaudi is one of my all time favorite artists. he was a genius. here some info´s about him and his work:

Antoni Plàcid Guillem Gaudí i Cornet (25 June 1852–10 June 1926) – in English sometimes erroneously referred to by the Spanish translation of his name, Antonio Gaudí – was a Catalan architect who belonged to the Modernist style (Art Nouveau) movement and was famous for his unique and highly individualistic designs.

Gaudí’s first works were designed in the style of gothic architecture and traditional Spanish architectural modes, but he soon developed his own distinct sculptural style. French architect Eugene Viollet-le-Duc, who promoted an evolved form of gothic architecture, proved a major influence on Gaudí. But the student surpassed the master architect and contrived highly original designs – irregular and fantastically intricate. Some of his greatest works, most notably La Sagrada Família, have an almost hallucinatory power.

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la sagrada familia is the most famous work of gaudi. he never finished it, it is still under construction! since 1882!

la sagrada familia

The building works are expected to be completed around 2026, the 100th anniversary of Gaudi’s death, although the likelihood of meeting this date is disputed. Computer modelling has been used for the detailed design of the intricate structure of supporting columns inside the church. See also catenary. CAD/CAM

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Gaudí left no written plan but he left, clearly specified on the model which was built, his thought about the form and symbolism of the building. He was always conscious that he would not be able to finish the work due to its great magnitude. He also left some drawings in which the polychrome nature that the building will have can be observed-because he said that color is life.

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well…did you like it? i really enjoyed surfing for information and i hope i will visit barcelona one day to see all this incredible art with my own eyes. you should, too!