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vaughn wrote the very first review of the upcoming dvd

…Actually, even from watching just the documentary, it’s clear that the DVD package is going to be pretty special. The main reason is because the director, Jack Gulick, and the rest of the camerapersons understood what is special about the Smashing Pumpkins and their music. For instance, in the clip of Superchrist they chose to use, they have a brilliant shot of Jimmy going ballistic (unlike in the AOL Sessions); they don’t focus on lifestyle but on motivation; they ask Billy about Soma instead of asking him to play Today or Bullet with Butterfly Wings. There are mentions made of the earlier music, but Gulick doesn’t go to any effort to focus on it or explain it. Instead, he concentrates on the music that is current and does himself a lot of credit by doing so. Most importantly though, Gulick focuses on the music as art, instead of focusing on the band as celebrities, which makes a strong departure from Vieuphoria and most other music documentaries. Watching Billy and the band go through the creative process, the psychological ups and downs and the differing levels of motivation might not sound like the most interesting viewing ever, but Gulick brings it all together well.

The documentary is based around the two residencies. From the moment Billy arrives in Ashville, he’s hit by inspiration and lyrics start spurting out…

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♥ thank you vaughn