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i´m so happy today because i finally found that great belgian band! i heard a show with them on the radio in 2000. i switched around and got to a live radio show. i love live music in every form…dvd, audio …esp. really life live of course…so i stopped there and this music is magic. i missed the beginning of the show and after it endet no radiomoderator said their name again. so it was kinda hard for me to find them.

1. i had no www back then…only since january this year …

2. because i didn´t understand most of their singing because …like i said…it´s a belgian band and they sing most of their songs in their motherlanguage.

i could only guess their songtitles by listening over and over again…i was fast and taped it! good old mixtapes…

you really should check their music out, because if not…you´ll miss something.

here a little playlist


“before the world was made” fromthe album ” the ladies’ second song”