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this post was originally written from bulletwoutbutterflywings to our first natol blog.
hi, this is my first blog over here and i thought that i would put the first little bit of a story i am writing, it doesn’t have a proper title yet but i am using a working title of “Ghost Story” — so here is a bit of it.

The white house stood at the end of a long dirt driveway. Lucy slowed to take in Formont House, it was beautiful, and now it was all hers. The willow trees that stood sentry on the sides of the house swayed in the slight breeze. She could just see the beginning of a garden out back, and the furniture on the porch looked so inviting. She tried to see where the property ended, but the thick forest beyond the green yard seemed to go on forever. The stark white of the house stood out against the blue of the sky, and she couldn’t wait to see the inside.
As Lucy parked the car in front of the house, she saw a small red sports car off to the side and the realtor waiting for her in the doorway.
“Lucy, I am so happy to meet you,” she greeted Lucy as she walked up the front stairs.
“Mrs. Craig, it is nice to meet you too.” Lucy held out her hand, and found instead of a hand shake, they keys to the house dropped in her hand. Surprised she looked at Mrs. Craig.
“Well, dear, I am in such a hurry, um, do you want me to give you a tour?” Mrs. Craig smiled, but seemed not to want to stay.
“No, that is alright, I think I can find my way around, what about the paperwork?”
“Oh, the paperwork, well I thought we could do that down at the office, I will give you a tour of the town tomorrow, that way you can see what we have here. But I am in such a rush, I am really sorry.” Mrs. Craig walked down the stairs and over to the side where her car was parked.
“Ok, that sounds fine.” Lucky called out to her.
“And Lucy, Mrs. Collran will be here soon.” Mrs. Craig yelled as she was closing her car door, “she is the housekeeper; she is paid by a trust and will come to help you get settled in.” With that the small red car pulled out of the driveway.
“Strange lady,” Lucy said to herself as she walked through the open doorway, the stairs stood in front of her, and an arched doorway to the left of it. The family room was large with an enormous fireplace. She made her way around to the kitchen and noticed that it had been updated recently, maybe to help with the sale. And through the kitchen was a small walkway to a greenhouse, there were so many flowers, the heat and sweet smell hit her like a wall. She decided to save the greenhouse for last. The opposite wall held a door to the dining room, and parlor, both of which had furniture already. Lucy sat on the couch and looked through the window out into the forest, not beliving that she actually was in her own home. Deciding to explore the rest of the house she found the den across from the stairs, and as she waked up the stairs Lucy flet her purse start to move. She grabbed out her phone and flipped it open.

…to be continued…